Frequently Asked Questions

Liger X is the world’s first auto-balancing Scooter. It enhances safety and comfort for 2-wheeler riders. The riders don’t need to put their feet down when they stop. Auto-balancing helps new riders adopt two wheelers faster. The rider can elegantly use the reverse gear without having to back pedal.

Liger X will come in two variants

Liger X

  • 65 kmph top speed
  • Auto-balancing (2 Riders up to 150 kg)
  • Range of 60 km
  • LCD Display
  • Learner Mode
  • Auto-balanced Reverse Mode
  • Mobile App
  • OTA upgrades

Liger X+

  • 80 kmph top speed
  • Auto-balancing (2 Riders up to 150 kg)
  • 100 Km Range
  • TFT Display
  • Learner Mode
  • Auto-balanced Reverse Mode
  • Mobile App
  • OTA upgrades

Pricing for Liger X and Liger X+ will be revealed at the time of orders. 

  • Eco (Eco Friendly, Economical, Efficient - Acceleration / Speed limited. Top speed 45kmph)
  • Sports (Peak Power / Performance - Top speed 65 kmph)
  • Learner (Training mode with speed limited to 5-10 kmph with Auto-Balancing activated)
  • Reverse.

In Eco Mode, the Liger X runs for fuel economy, while sport mode offers faster acceleration. The Reverse mode allows pulling the vehicle elegantly out of the parking lot or pulling back when the rider overruns the stop. The learner mode is specifically designed for new riders, looking to build confidence in riding a 2-wheeler.

Liger X is available in 5 colors – Grey, Polar White, Blue, Titanium, Red

Liger X is currently under testing and homologation. We will announce the launch dates when the testing is completed.

We will be opening Pre-Orders for users to book Liger X in the coming months. At present people can visit our website and express their interest.

Liger X & Liger X+  are is designed for two riders of 75 kg each. The total rider weight of 150 kg + vehicle curb weight + margins. 

Liger-X comes with a unique patented technology, which allows the vehicle to work in Auto-balancing as well as regular mode. The switch between modes can be made instantaneously.

Balancing mode is used at low speeds and at stops. Regular mode is used when the Balancing feature is not required. The vehicle can lean and turn like a regular vehicle.

Balancing is strong enough to sway a riderless vehicle on the side stand (leaning at 10 degrees) to vertical (0 degrees). 

The mode can be controlled by the user with a switch. The vehicle sound indicates to the user that the vehicle is in Balancing mode or Regular mode.
Also, the display indicates the status of Balancing.

Liger-X weighs about a 120 Kg
Liger-X+ weighs about  a 130 Kg

Auto-Balancing is the building block for autonomous and remote driven two wheelers, which are relevant for improving operational efficiency and customer experience in Shared Mobility markets. Autonomous Two wheelers also have applications in the defence sector.

Liger is a very unique member of the Cat family. It’s the biggest cat and also very rare. It’s a hybrid of Lion and Tiger. We chose the name Liger because we set out with vision to bring some comfort of 4 wheelers to the convenience of Two wheelers.

The Liger X has a range of 60 km in Eco Mode on a full charge. Liger X also comes with a removable battery

While Liger X+ has a range of 100 km in Eco mode.

The range obtained by a user shall depend on factors such as: age of the battery, road and traffic conditions, tyre condition and inflation, riding style, load on the vehicle, use of electrical accessories such as lamps and horn and mobile phone charging etc.

Liger X is equipped with liquid cooled batteries. 2 lac data points are collected each day, and advanced algorithms ensure thermal safety  and predictive maintenance High quality cells, efficient cooling, Robust Battery Management System(BMS), cell balancing all make Liger X battery packs longer lasting and safer.

You may use any normal 220V, 5A, 3 pin earthed socket to Charge your Liger X with the provided Liger X charger, fast charging option will be available at an additional cost.